This popular weekend is fun for art appreciators of ever ilk. Artists “unveil” new work while explaining what inspired them and how they achieved success with each piece of artwork. Everyone is welcome and there is time for questions and lots of interaction with each artist.

As 2018 approaches additional information will be added. Here is the information from 2017

Additionally local chefs and restaurants participate with the “Chef’s Table” finding their inspiration from a piece of art to create unique culinary experiences for the weekend and beyond. This Spring Unveiling Jeff will be working with 4 Cannon Beach Chef’s: Josh Archibald of Wayfarer, Crystal Corbin from Irish Table and Bob Neroni and Lenore Emery of EVOO Cooking School. More information about the breadth of the event can be found at the Cannon Beach Gallery Group website.

EVOO  Chefs Bob and Lenore will have a starter plate of Oyster mignonette in the half shell with saffron and blood orange, bias cut green onions and a background of ingredients to match the colors and mood of the “Higher Ground”. They will also be serving a “Dark chocolate cherry and Swiss meringue” for dessert, celebrating spring and based upon another painting,  “Cherry Blossom Mist.” which Jeff will be unveiled on Saturday, May 6th at 2 PM.

The Irish Table’s Chef Crystal Crobin is offering a special crostini “Dungeness Crab Toast” with Boursin cheese topped with wine and dill vinaigrette, saluting Jeff’s “Geneva of Coos Bay” painting.

Wayfarer Restaurant Chef Archibald has created a “Spring asparagus appetizer” based on Jeff’s “Shoreline Daffodils” oil painting.   It features local asparagus, sunny side up Zweifel Farms eggs and crispy prosciutto with Cannon Beach sea salt.

A demonstration will again be a part of the weekend. Jeff will start a painting on Friday at 1 PM and then pick up where he left off on Sunday at 2 PM. Each session is up to 2 hours long. Everyone is welcome!

About to remove the cardboard fence to unveil several new originals in 2015.

Discussing the culinary connection to fine art with Chef Bob Naroni of EVOO Cooking School.