As The Sun Sets

Original Framed Watercolor

There are some paintings that have taken me years to complete, primarily because of the rehearsing and confidence required to even start putting paint on paper. Although this is a very simple subject and composition, the most challenging part is successfully painting any watercolor of this scale.

What I was hoping to communicate was the drama and colorful glow of a sunset from the edge of the Pacific. I utilized gold pigment in my washes in an attempt to capture the salty air feeling this type of sunset often possesses. I’m fond of these small creeks that cut the sand anew after each high tide. Their shapes, edges and reflections often inspire me. With a watercolor of this size my hope is you can almost taste the salty air.

Framed Price $12,500 – (Frame Size 53” x 89”) – (Image Size 40” x 76”)