Back To The Point

A wide sandy beach stretches south from the Columbia River about 20 miles before abruptly turning west, becoming a cobble shoreline at Seaside. This area, general known as “The Cove”, has 5 distinct surf spots along that boulder strewn stretch of coast: Avenue U, The Cove, The Shore Break, Seaside Point and Second Point. I have a special love for that ¼ miles or so of the coast and its world class waves. I’ve surfed small gentle waves countless times there as well as memorable and downright scary larger days when scrambling back up the rocks after catching 4 or 5 waves is a successful surf session. I’m thankful for my years of surfing and consider myself fortunate to have only a few reoccurring aches and pains traceable to a couple of bad wipeouts. Recently I found myself in The Cove at the end of the day and this oil painting came from that encounter.


Original Framed Oil on Linen Board 23 ¼” x 29 ¼” – Image 18” x 24” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved