Castle Rock Reflecting

Original Framed Watercolor

Just beyond the breakers of Arch Cape Beach sits Castle Rock. During winter storms waves are occasionally large enough to wash over the top of this impressive seastack. On still low tide evenings it is a wonderful beach to walk and reflect on life.

On a personal note, for years Carol and I lived just steps from the beach in Arch Cape where we were caretakers for our dear friends Ed & Dollie Lynch. This was our view when we reached the beach. I return often seeking inspiration and remembering the wonderful years when we were raising our kids and starting the gallery. Sadly Dollie passed away this fall and will be missed by all who knew her. She and Ed’s generosity to us was profound and continues to impact us to this day.

( frame size 34″ x 64″ )   ( image size 23 ½” x 53 ½” )