Crinkle Wave- Backlit

I started this watercolor with some foundational, large fields of color to define the wave shape. Once the pigments are completely dry, I then soak the painting thoroughly in water (in anything large enough to allow the water to fully saturate the paper). Then I literally wad it up into a ball as small as I can compress it which distresses the watercolor paper in an unpredictable way. Then after flattening it back out, I get back to work. With this painting I also utilized gold watercolor pigment which provides a sparkle when the light hits it “just right”. I call these “crinkle” paintings because they remind me of crinkle cookies.

I get a kick out of painting this type of watercolor largely because they are risky and it is good for me to experiment and “work without a net”, so to speak.

Original Framed Watercolor 22 ½” x 35” SOLD – Image 13 ½” x 26” All Rights Reserved