Far Reaching Watercolor


Far Reaching

There is something calming about fog drifting in and encircling our rugged coastal landscape. It says so much with so little. While life on the edge of the constantly changing Northwest Coast pays aesthetic dividends for those of us who love it, generally the changes are imperceivable, at other times dramatic and impossible to miss.

In addition to the atmospheric mood, this watercolor is also a study of contrasts. The softness of the foggy, salty air is offset by the rugged, treed points. I don’t know how many of these foggy coastal seascapes I’ve painted over the last 50 years, but I’ve enjoyed the process of making each of them work and the satisfaction of the completed painting.


Original Framed Watercolor

51 ½” x 39 ½” – Image 41” x 29” – SOLD

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