Fishin’ Done

One of my favorite places to paint in the early years was along any body of water, but I especially loved the old docks and work boats. My dad grew up on the water in Seattle and my uncle owned a boat shop in Richmond, California we frequently visited. I always enjoyed poking around and even worked for him briefly in my mid-teens. Though I never fished commercially, many of my best friends did as trollers, crabbers, and gillnetters so the boat basins have long been a passion of mine. This watercolor has been in my private collection since 1985. Years ago, I pulled the frame and mats off it for some reason and put it in a drawer only occasionally running back across it. “Keepers” as the name implies are paintings an artist values and retain in their private collection. It’s time to “thin the herd” so we are offering Fishin’ Done for sale anew.

Original Framed Watercolor 23 ½” x 31 ½” $3,000 – Image 15” x 22 ½” All Rights Reserved