In The Breakers

After you enter the ocean at my favorite surf spot and start to paddle out this is what greets you. You have to hurry because a few feet (or inches) under water are barnacle incrusted boulders. They are part of what makes this such a great surfing wave but there’s a price to pay for quality. This is a sequel or sequence if you will to the painting “Breaking Boulders”. The story (below) I wrote for it applies to this painting as well.

Over the eons the basalt boulders have been rounded by the endless breakers. With a large swell and tide high tide you can hear them rolling around with the serge and retreat of each wave. I painted this from photographs of one of the surf spots here on the North Oregon Coast. Imagine standing there waiting for a lull to time your entry so as not to break your fins or worse. Fortune favors the brave and fools rush in where angels fear to tread.


Original Framed Watercolor 14” x 16” – Image 6” x 8” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved