15 razor clams in 15 minutes! It was a beautiful morning and a great start to the day ahead as the sun rose bathing everything with golden light.

If you have ever been razor clam digging, you probably have done exactly this. After digging for a while, most of us dump them out on the sand and recount to make sure you have all you are allowed and not one too many. When I first started digging razor clams as a kid the limit was 24, then 18 now 15.

Although I rarely go “clam digging” anymore, I walk the ocean’s edge daily, and on the minus tide mornings, if I see their holes, I usually just dig them by hand. It only takes 5 or 6 to make a nice dinner for Carol and me. Incidentally, this is about as close as I come to a “still life” painting. Though I did not compose this, I did adjust their position a bit to make the painting work compositionally.

Limited Edition

Giclèe Print on Canvas

Framed 22” x 18” $600 – Unframed image 18” x 14” $300

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