Pacific Power

Oil painters generally “tone” their painting surface with a thin layer of a warm color before starting a painting. The main reason is the white of the canvas is usually visible through the thin layers of paint and most painters find that objectionable. With that as part of my routine as well, the idea came to me to tone my linen black and let it dry completely. Then I could scrape out the power lines with the end of my paint brush revealing the black underpainting and get the loose feeling I was after. So, the sky and ocean were painted along with the power pole and while all of that was still wet, I scraped through the paint revealing the black toned linen underneath. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right title for a painting, but occasionally I have the title even before I start it. Realizing the two power references of the stormy ocean breakers and the power lines I had Pacific Power in mind right from the start.

Original Framed Oil on Linen Board 19 ¼” x 16 ¼” – Image 14” x 11” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved