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As I sit in my comfortable Home in one of the most beautiful places on the planet my heart is breaking for the people of Ukraine. What to do… How to help… 

Jeff and I have been blessed to call this place home and our business is celebrating its 35th year this year. While we have had our ups and downs as most people have over the years, we are so grateful to God‘s faithfulness to us through all of it. 

It’s really a small thing I’d like to do in the scope of this humanitarian crisis, and I want to ask your help. We would like to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders or Mercy Corps and thought that you all might want to help as well if you haven’t already. 

We will match dollar for dollar up to $5000 to give to this charity. For every dollar you give we will give one as well and in the end hopefully be able to donate $10,000 toward helping these families who are desperate.

You can give however much you want. We will be accepting donations until March 31.

Please consider a gift… 

Thank you,