Fair Winds – Print


Limited Edition

(75 signed and numbered) Giclée Print on Canvas

Framed Size 29” x 45” $1,350 – Unframed 24” x 40” $850

Signed Open Edition

Giclèe Print on Canvas

Framed Size 20” x 31” $775 – Unframed 15” x 26″ $450


Framed 9 ½” x 11 ½” $50 – Matted Only 8″ x 10″ $25

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“May you have Fair Winds and a Following Sea” is how the maritime blessing goes. I happened upon this location at the perfect moment and thought “WOW”, that would make a great painting. Occasionally, everything is there including the design elements and my biggest challenge is to paint what I see and not wreck what is right in front of me. As I worked on this oil, I continued to say wow throughout the process, which is rare for me, but in my opinion, the “holy grail” of painting.

I suspect many of you fell in love with the coast, like me, during the summer months when it’s so user friendly. There’s an ease about living in flip flops and shorts, the sunny days and mild nights, the fresh ocean breeze, it’s pure bliss for those of us who love the beach. This painting just feels like summer to me.


We are reproducing this oil painting as a giclèe print on canvas.


Signed & Numbered – Limited Edition of 75

Framed Size 29” x 45” – $1,350 – Unframed Image Size 24” x 40” – $850

Smaller Open Edition

Framed Size 20”x 31” – $775 Unframed Image 15” x 26” – $450

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Limited Edition – Signed and Numbered, Open Edition – Signed, Mini Print

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Unframed, Malabar (Brown), Cascade (Gray), Matted Only, Small Cascade

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None, Natural 1”, Natural 1 1/2”, Black 1”, Black 1 1/2”, White 1”, White 1 1/2”

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None, Talc/Dark Shale, Jet Black/Jet Black