With over 70 percent of our planet covered with water, there’s an abundance of surface for a wave to be born as soon as a breath of wind touches any body of water. Large or small, waves fascinate me. I’ve been drawing, painting, and riding waves for decades. They are difficult to draw, hard to ride and even harder to paint. Water in general is a challenging subject for artists to successfully capture in part because everything affects its appearance. Light, wind, its surrounding “local” color… everything. On top of that they are constantly moving and changing especially when they break. The wind-blown spray off the top of a breaking wave is known as “spindrift”, just one of the mesmerizing characteristics of waves. This painting has two of my favorite elements. In addition to the spindrift is the translucent, almost stained-glass appearance of the thin, backlit upper part of the wave frozen in time.

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Limited Edition – Signed and Numbered, Open Edition – Signed, Mini Print

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Unframed, Malabar (Brown), Cascade (Gray), Matted Only, Small Cascade

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None, Talc/Dark Shale, Jet Black/Jet Black, Talc/Balmoral, Seamist/Dark Shale

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Framed 11 ½” x 9 ½” – $70

Matted Only 10″ x 8″ – $35

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