Shoreline Daffodils


One definition of a weed is simply a misplaced plant. These daffodils pop up every spring on the bluff just above the highest tides near my home. It’s hard to imagine anyone considering them weeds as they are so beautiful, cheerful and always prove inspirational. I’ve enjoyed them for years and finally decided how I wanted to paint them in their “natural” setting at the edge of the sea.

We are reproducing this oil painting as a giclèe print on canvas.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Limited Edition – Signed and Numbered, Open Edition – Signed, Mini Print

Frame Option

Unframed, Malabar (Brown), Cascade (Gray), Matted Only, Small Cascade

Liner Option

None, Natural 1”, Natural 1 1/2”, Black 1”, Black 1 1/2”, White 1”, White 1 1/2”

Purchasing Options:

Limited Edition

(50 signed and numbered) Giclée Print on Canvas

Framed Size 30” x 46” $1750 – Unframed (stretched) 24” x 40” $1000

Signed Open Edition

Giclèe Print on Canvas

Framed Size 20” x 31” $975 – Unframed (stretched) 15” x 26″ $525


For mini prints, click here.

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