Shelter From The Storm

Knowing there are artists and collectors who are curious about how one composes a painting, I offer these insights into my creative process. After suggesting the breakers in the background, I then carefully planned the shape and placement of the leaves, their specific color (5 red, 4 yellow-orange and 3 green) and spacing so they are not equal distance apart. Their harmony and rhythm helps lead the eye through the composition. The surf was painted with soft edges (to suggest movement) and lighter values (the light or dark of the color) to indicate they are in the distance. I initially painted the leaves and branches on wet paper so the edges would diffuse as though wet glass was impacting their sharpness.

From the beginning I planned the framing to be a part of the story as well. I applied drops of resin to the inside of the glass to look like rain on the window you are looking through.

Regarding the title, I had three that seemed appropriate. Blowin’ In The Wind, Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall and Shelter From The Storm. Thanks Bob for your part in the inspiration.

Original Framed Watercolor 33 ½” x 41 ½” – Image 23” x 31 ½” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved