Sunset Clouds- Study

Cumulus clouds have always been a challenge for me as a watercolorist largely because of the transparent qualities of the medium. The initial colors show through subsequent layers of paint and it’s hard to get the purity for this type of cloud. Because opposites on the color wheel are frequently what makes a moment so dramatic, the blue sky at sunset had to be over painted with orange and red. The challenge is they neutralize (gray) each other and their purity is gone. In search of a solution, I recently purchased some oil pastels with the goal of being able to improve these clouds in my paintings. Oil pastels are highly pigmented and look a bit like a crayon but with more of a creamy consistency. I’m thrilled that it worked!

Original Framed Watercolor and Oil Pastel 14” x 16” – SOLD – Image 6” x 8” All Rights Reserved