Sunset Sky Show

There are a lot of days on the Oregon Coast when the sky turns from gray to black, but there are days like this as well. This relatively small rock sits at the feet of our famous and much larger Haystack Rock, a fraction of which you see on the far left in this painting. I began to doubt my original composition once I started putting paint to paper, so I dropped back and modified my plan. The more I painted the more concerned I became that the second idea was no better than the first. So, in the end, the addition of this uniquely shaped rock as the center of interest in my opinion works and I’m happy with the finished painting. The vertical clouds were part of the original plan that I felt worked best in this format. The reflections in the tidepools also adds to the calm mood I was hoping to communicate.


Original Framed Watercolor 52” x 40” – Image 41 ½” x 29” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved