Hull Watercolor Through the Keyhole


Through the Keyhole

You may think I made the shape of these limbs up, but they indeed exist as I painted them hanging over the edge of a cliff in Ecola Park on the north Oregon Coast. Admittedly they have a sort of bonsai look about them but trust me where they are located no one pruned them.

I painted this watercolor from photographs I took on one of my many “scouting for a painting” walks as the soft sunset light and large ocean swell inspired me to go searching. What caught my eye initially was the interesting shape of the limbs, but as I looked closer several of them repeat the reverse “S” shape which ties the design of the painting together. More important to me is the way the shape of the main offshore rock is mimicked in the limb to its left. I’ve paddled through the keyhole in that rock with friends on much quieter summer evenings. Even on a calm day it leaves a big impression.


Original Framed Watercolor 33 ½” x 41 ½” – Image 23” x 31 ½” All Rights Reserved