Travelers Watercolor Painting


Recently, I’ve been thinking about our summer guests from down south that arrive every May and hang around until the middle of autumn. As I was finishing the bright sunset sky on this painting, I had a few other creative thoughts but returned to my initial plan… pelicans gliding into view at sunset.

I’ve been known to pivot from the original plan because by nature watercolor often throws you a curve and allowing those “happy accidents” to dictate where the painting ends up is generally the best call. In the end, my goal is always to complete the strongest painting possible knowing no one cares what my initial idea was, just the finished painting. So, a little summer feels good as the winter storms rage outside here on the northern Oregon Coast. It won’t be long until longer days return along with our fellow travelers.


Original Framed Watercolor

23 ½” x 31 ½” $3,000 – Image 14” x 21 ½”

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